Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The life and times at TLS

September 24, 2008

The internet is SO UNBEARABLY SLOW today that I am feeling somewhat cranky. I haven't been able to upload anything to facebook, but at least I've been able to upload blog-sized photos for you to enjoy. I haven't done much of anything of interest, but I thought you cats might enjoy some photos of how we here at TLS spend our time :-) For starters, the other evening we decided that the courtyard was the perfect place for a bonfire...

 photo 1fire_zps1e3d08be.jpg
Luckily we had a guy who could actually build one.

 photo 2fire_zpsd0731066.jpg
J and D pretended to help.

 photo 3fire_zpsacd2011e.jpg
See? Granted, I wasn't even pretending.

 photo 4fire_zps7f6325d0.jpg
War, Famine, Death and Pestilence.

 photo 5fire_zps819e3c7d.jpg
J, E, F, A

 photo 6fire_zpsa894402b.jpg
D is a freakin pyro.

 photo 7fire_zpsa808ea00.jpg
K had the stellar idea that we should make mulled wine,
which was a fabulous success.

 photo 8fire_zpse79bb9dd.jpg
E even made an oven for the wine.

 photo 9fire_zps6686dc9e.jpg
Last night we began the many-days-long celebration of my impending 30th birthday.
It's on Thursday the 25th, if you were wondering.

 photo 10fire_zps8e0a626b.jpg
And B shuffles worse than I do - yay!

 photo 11fire_zps93c2ac79.jpg
The other night we went to Sweet 60s, but there was no music :-(
(K and me)

 photo 12fire_zps9df8e461.jpg
B, N and J

 photo 13fire_zps6534f68b.jpg
Looks like B and E had linked arms. They hadn't though, it was just a bizarre optical illusion.

 photo 14fire_zps3721fe5f.jpg
Oh, and here's the school. I do work, you know.

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