Sunday, April 21, 2013

Some photographs from Bishkek

August 11, 2008

Yesterday the temperatures was in the upper 80s (F), which might be hot, but compared to the 100+ temps we've had lately, it felt wonderful. I went for a nice long walk around the city center, taking pics of various things I hadn't yet photographed. Enjoy!

 photo 1_zps8855ed20.jpg
Who needs McDonald's or Burger King (Bishkek has neither) when you can have Mac Burger?

 photo 2_zps7e75e487.jpg
I am in love.

 photo 3_zps693c96cc.jpg
Monument to those who died in WWII

 photo 4_zpsb38e499c.jpg
One of the many bizarre sculptures in Dubrovy Park

 photo 5_zps4290e3b5.jpg
Erkindik (freedom) replaced Lenin in Bishkek's main square

 photo 6_zpsbe297e5e.jpg
Manas, the epic hero of Kyrgyzstan, rides his horse in front of the Philharmonic

 photo 7_zps21bf4813.jpg
A closer look at Manas

 photo 8_zps1c369f58.jpg
This park is located next to the Philharmonic

 photo 9_zps53d78f50.jpg
Same park as seen from the other end.

 photo 10_zps25cfbdf7.jpg
Cool building. Don't know what it is though.

 photo 11_zpsfbed4baf.jpg
Obviously, I took many flower pics.

 photo 12_zpsd23ad79e.jpg

 photo 13_zpsa8795801.jpg
Although I think my favorite flower pic was of this dead flower...

 photo 14_zpsd0b1e989.jpg
Back at home, Luball is long suffering.
You'd think they were mother and daughter or sisters from the way they act.

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