Saturday, April 20, 2013


July 5, 2008

The other day in one of my classes, while my students were quietly bent over their desks doing an exercise, the silence was broken by a loud WHUMP! We all turned and looked through the glass wall separating our classroom from the hallway... and there, dazedly stumbling about the hallway was a pigeon. It had flown in through the open window and smacked right into the glass, fishbowl-like wall of my classroom. I went out into the hall to see if it was OK, and as soon as it saw me, it recovered its wits and flapped right back out the open window. Then we noticed the "bird print" that it had left on our classroom wall - complete with a couple of feathers. The poor thing had been completely in full flight when it smacked into the wall. At least it was OK, if stunned. Check out the bird print though!

 photo 1bird_zpsd8d25fe3.jpg

 photo 2bird_zps16419494.jpg

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