Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Epilogue: A postal miracle!

 December 28, 2008

Before I left for Kyrgyzstan, my mother asked me to buy her a Kyrgyz saddle while I was there. Early on in my trip, I found an antique wooden saddle for about $14. In late October, shortly before returning to the US, I shipped it home. You may remember the story: I spent a ridiculously long time in the post office, spent $100 on shipping AND they managed to insert my absentee ballot into the box instead of mailing it to its proper destination. Anyway, after being home for nearly two full months, both my mother and I had given up on the saddle ever making it to The Small Southern Town. I figured it was being ridden around Kyrgyzstan by whomever acquired my fitted sheet and my chocopies, and whatever else the Kyrgyz post stole from me.

 photo 1boxb_zps8354be25.jpg
The box, in its hand sewn linen sack

 photo 2box_zpsc1c79f9f.jpg
Hand stitching and a wax seal

 photo 3box_zpsb8c18f03.jpg
A closer look at the wax seal of the Bishkek Post Office

 photo 4box_zpsee5d52f1.jpg
Hand stitching and seals

 photo 5box_zps1b9d74ef.jpg
Mom gets her saddle

 photo 6box_zpsfc141931.jpg
The saddle in all its glory :-)

 photo 7boxb_zpsdb76ab4a.jpg
And, of course, my ballot.

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