Friday, April 5, 2013

Adventures at Dordoi Bazaar

May 26, 2008

I really cannot ever go back to Dordoi ever again. I am hardly what one would call a shopaholic; in fact, I’m usually pretty cheap. Unfortunately, markets and bazaars just break down my resolve. My previous (and first) trip to Dordoi Bazaar netted me three ridiculous and utterly impractical pairs of lime green and hot pink shoes. Afterwards I swore that I’d never go back. Apparently I lied.

Last Saturday K and I went to Dordoi for the purpose of buying black sandals. I made a point of bringing enough money to cover black sandals, lunch and transportation, figuring that way the massive amount of temptation would be rendered nonexistent. Unfortunately, K brought plenty of extra cash and kept saying, “I can pay for it and you can just pay me back.” Really, I can never go there ever again; my salary is too small for this nonsense. But check out what I got, as it’s awesome :-)

 photo 1blacksandals_zpsc641b44b.jpg
What I went there for in the first place...

 photo 2coloredballs_zps240b856d.jpg
Some lovely balls to decorate the kitchen...

 photo 3apples_zps2259cc33.jpg
How you like them apples?

 photo 4limegreendress_zps0489d104.jpg
And obviously I had to own this...

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