Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cats and hot chocolate!!

October 12, 2008

This morning B and I got up early (which for both of us is a feat in and of itself) to go to the International Exhibition of Cats put on at the Russian Drama Theater (of all venues) by the Bishkek Cat-lovers Association. I'm not a big fan of cat shows and pedigreed cats in general (why pay money for a cat when so many are available for free?), but I'm not going to turn down the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous feline cuteness. There was a rather absurd number of Hairless Sphinxes and Scottish Folds at the show, considering that it was a fairly small event. I wonder why those two particular breeds are so popular? Anyway, here are my cat show photos - enjoy the cuteness!!

 photo 1cat_zps15783147.jpg

 photo 2cat_zpsb919ef7a.jpg

 photo 3cat_zps2946081f.jpg

 photo 4cat_zps5819f4a3.jpg
This one was supposed to pass herself off as a princess, but kept gnawing on her collar.

 photo 5cat_zps261b3ccc.jpg
Somebody is not happy.

 photo 6cat_zps3e38e20f.jpg

 photo 7cat_zps8cba4754.jpg

 photo 8cat_zps32e083ec.jpg
It's a Kitler!!

 photo 9cat_zps694bca43.jpg

 photo 10cat_zps65821aa4.jpg
This one was my favorite. Most were in these over-decorated cages, but this one was just in a bare cage. Nonetheless, it was super-cute and full of personality.

 photo 11cat_zps634a63de.jpg
I loved how this giant orange cat was cowering behind the little sphinx.

 photo 12cat_zpsb3eb885c.jpg
Allegedly this one’s a "Siberian" although I'd never heard of that as a breed of cat (other than the tiger) before!

After leaving the cat show, we met up with K at Cyclone, an Italian restaurant on Chuy near Beta Stores, which had the world's best hot chocolate. And they make a pretty damn tasty calzone as well.

 photo 13hotchoc_zpsde5a0df7.jpg
Like a melted bar of fine dark chocolate.

 photo 14hc_zpsc4d6426b.jpg

 photo 15hc_zpsc4fc3b4c.jpg
K and her hotchoc

 photo 16hc_zps69f3d1ee.jpg
B and his gargantuan and delicious calzone.

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