Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fan death of a different kind

August 2, 2008

Do you remember how in Korea, people believe that if you sleep with the fan on you'll die? Well, there's a different kind of fan death going on here. Yesterday afternoon I was napping - sprawled directly in front of my fan as the temperature was over 100F - when I was awakened by a loud POP! I awoke to discover that my apartment reeked of an electrical fire, and that my fan's motor had exploded! The office has given me several excuses as to why they can't provide me with another fan (they already provided me with one, if they get another it will just burn out too, they can't find me a fan because they're all sold out right now, etc), so as yet I am fanless and melting... although at least it isn't humid here. I am tempted to just buy myself a fan, although you know as soon as I do the office will provide me with one. Grrr. Meanwhile, I am currently camped out at the internet cafe as they have a superpowered AC which I am sitting directly under.

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