Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spectacular Sary Chelek

May 22, 2013

Today it was N’s turn to become violently ill. Unfortunately, it was also a somewhat lengthy travel day. Luckily our driver – arranged through Hayat – was the fellow who had driven us to Jalalabad two days before. He was an excellent driver, and didn’t do anything to increase N’s illness (other than periodically trying to get her to eat things). He came and picked us up outside our door and drove us 4.5 hours to a lovely CBT homestay in the mountains near Sary Chelek, in the village of Arkyt.

 photo 9a_zpsfcaeef58.jpg
From the road on the way to Sary Chelek
 photo 9d_zpsac12fd50.jpg
From the road on the way to Sary Chelek

 photo 9c_zps7b84c7cc.jpg
Poppies from the road on the way to Sary Chelek

After a small lunch of fresh bread with fresh butter, sour cream, and jam accompanied by cucumbers and tea (and eaten next to a vat of boiling sheep-head), we were ready to go to Lake Sary Chelek, located 18km from our homestay and the reason for our visit to this corner of the country. Unfortunately, the homestay folks told us that cars weren’t allowed in the park after 2pm, and it was 2:30pm. This may or may not have been true, but we were able to get in by only paying a meager bribe on top of the entrance fee.  (You can go on foot, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very fit and have a long time. The drive to the top took about an hour, as it was very steep and winding; it would be a very long and strenuous hike.)

 photo 9e_zps68bbbbcf.jpg
Told you there was a boiling sheep's head.

The road to the lake was narrow, unpaved, and wound its way high up into the mountains to its end-point at Lake Sary Chelek, a gorgeous blue lake ringed by super-high, spectacular mountains. It was, without a doubt, the prettiest lake that I have ever seen in real life. We explored the shore line and took copious amounts of photos. B and A went swimming, although after sticking my toes in the water I decided that no way in hell was I going to ruin a perfect day by submerging myself in such frigid water.
 photo 9f_zps7b2602f5.jpg
Lake Sary Chelek
 photo 9G_zps5781a017.jpg
Me, B, N, and A at Sary Chelek
 photo 9i_zps637666c3.jpg
Me at Sary Chelek
 photo 9j_zps40de9d97.jpg
B swimming in his undies. We've seen this before.
 photo 9k_zpscda6ef5e.jpg
 photo 9l_zps8e03e02f.jpg
A and B
 photo 9m_zps6cc82b6b.jpg
Obligatory band photo. Of our non-band.

N still wasn’t feeling well, so she relaxed near the dacha (where one can camp for a fee if so inclined, although you’d definitely have to pack in all of your supplies) while B, A, and I walked along the northern edge of the lake as far as the rudimentary “trail” permitted. The “trail” wound through a lovely forest on the edge of the lake, in which numerous orange, yellow, and purple flowers bloomed. It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

 photo 9o_zpsa669f897.jpg
 photo DSC_0435_zpsb9653088.jpg
Me :-)

To see the complete set of photos from Sary Chelek, CLICK HERE.


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    First of all... lovely photos! I am planning to go to Sary Chelek in June. How much was the tour around Sary Chelek and for how many days?

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