Friday, August 23, 2013


June 2, 2013

The weather yesterday morning as we walked to the Children’s Day festival was wonderful – blue skies, temperatures around 80F. Everyone around me was complaining about how hot it was, although for a native Floridian like me it was wonderful – especially considering that there was virtually no humidity.  However, as we were walking home from the Children’s Day festivities, a wind began to blow, clouds began to roll up, and the temperature began to drop. I had planned to at least spend some of the day wandering around the village taking photos, but instead I retreated to my room to listen to the wind howl and the rain fall.

I also decided to edit all of my photos that I had taken thus far. This took about four or five hours. About two hours in I started feeling headachy. I took an Excedrin and continued working. By the end of my photo-editing session, I had a splitting headache. I took another Excedrin and curled up in bed. No result. By the time dinner-time rolled around, I was in full-blown migraine phase. I couldn’t eat anything. I was barely able to swallow one of my four Imitrex tablets (curse you insurance for limiting me to four per month when my doctor had prescribed me eight per month!) which thankfully did the trick – although it knocked me out as well.

Today I’ve felt shaky, and a bit like the migraine is still with me, although masked by the Imitrex in my system. This is actually probably the case. I spent four hours lesson planning – of which the bulk of my time was spent hand-copying handouts for my students. I briefly checked my email, but to be honest I am terrified to look at the computer screen, lest it trigger another migraine. 

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