Thursday, August 22, 2013

Children’s Day

June 1, 2013

Today was Children’s Day, and it was celebrated with a big festival/talent show at the school. All of the teachers, students, as well as their mothers and grandmothers came (the only men in attendance were the ones managing the sound system and the few men who work at the school). Unfortunately, the battery in my point-n-shoot camera (the one that takes video; my DSLR does not record video) was nearly dead, and it died pretty much immediately. Sadly, this meant I was unable to record the absolute best act – a tiny, lime-green belly dancer who couldn’t have been more than seven years old, but totally knew what she was doing, and completely rocked her performance. (The two teenaged belly dancers who performed later did not come anywhere close.) I wish I'd remembered to charge my point-n-shoot, as the still photos I took didn't do the event justice.

 photo 18b_zpsdff91a2c.jpg

 photo 18c_zpsce1614ae.jpg

 photo 18g_zps2b382f38.jpg

 photo 18e_zps9dbd5342.jpg

 photo 18d_zps997d36e6.jpg

 photo 18f_zps079cd4a9.jpg

Students were given awards for their performance during the school year, as well as for performing in the talent show. We were all then given free ice cream cones, and with that the festival was over.

(Also, I was able to re-claim my things from my classroom, meaning that I will indeed be able to plan lessons for Monday.)


  1. Hi,

    I came across your blog while looking for an English native speaker. I've been looking him/her for 2 months and so far no luck.

    I am a Kyrgyz–American from Cambridge, MA. Came to Bishkek , set up a small language school to help low-income high school students with their English. I am going to teach them for free General and Academic English to prepare them for colleges and universities. I wonder if you know how to attract volunteers to my school .

    My students and I would be very happy to find at least one native speaker – volunteer or paid one, or a suggestion how to find them.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Daisy -

    I would suggest posting flyers at Fatboys, Metro, and Sierra Coffee. Those are cafes in Bishkek that are regularly frequented by the local expat community, and would be a good place to find potential volunteers/employees. I think you'd probably have better luck if you could provide some sort of salary/compensation. Good luck!