Friday, November 16, 2012


January 23, 2008

Student: Today you is very... twik.
Me: Excuse me?
Student: Twik.
Me: Quick? Быстро?
Student: No, no. Twik.
Me: [puzzled look]
Student: Maybe I mistake. I at home see in dictionary.

Student: Yesterday I not mistake. I see in dictionary. Yesterday I say you twik.
Me: What? Quick?
Student: No. Twik. T-W-I-K.
Me: T-W-I-K? Twik? No, that’s not a word.
Student: Yes it is! I see in dictionary! You twik!
Me: Ummm... как по-русский? (What is it in Russian?)
Student: наблюдать.
Me: [I look up наблюдать. It means to observe, to watch, to look after, to supervise. I show this to my student.]
Student: [shakes his head] No, no. [Takes dictionary and tries in vain to locate twik.] This dictionary, bad. My dictionary... twik. Thursday I take dictionary. You see, you twik.

Luckily, whatever the hell twik is, he seems to mean it as a compliment.

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