Sunday, November 4, 2012


January 4, 2008

Well, I guess it was a good thing that I got the ball rolling on my lost suitcase in Istanbul... They actually called the school last night from Istanbul to confirm that I am in Bishkek and to tell me that the suitcase would be flown in that very evening. They confirmed my address, and claimed that someone would deliver it to me. I was looking forward to having the rest of my things today, but it turns out that everyone in Bishkek associated with Turkish Airlines is on vacation until Tuesday! The people at the airport claim that I have to talk to someone from TA, and as they're all at home for the holidays, I seem to be out of luck. Until Tuesday, theoretically. Grrrr.

Yesterday I learned that technicallywe’re not allowed to have pets in our apartments, even though the school is aware of the presence of these cats and of the fact that I agreed to take ownership of them (if you will) from the previous tenant. However, not having cats seems to mean not having an indoor litter box. As long as they go outside to do their business, and as long as I pretend to not actually have cats, it seems ok. Bizarreness. The grey and black cats, which have apparently lived around here for quite some time, seem to have no problem with going out and frolicking in the snow. The tortie's a tad more sensible, and nips back inside at the first chance she gets whenever I’ve put her out. How could I have the heart to turn this adorable fuzzball out into the snow?


This morning I was scheduled to meet with the school's director at 9am for somewhat of an orientation, and to sign my contract and whatnot. Luckily I got up a couple of hours early, because it turns out that I'd managed to accidentally set all of my clocks and watches to an hour behind the correct time. So at what I thought was 8:20am, one of the staff knocks on my door and asks if I remembered that I had a meeting at 9am. I thought this was just a friendly reminder, until she said, "Can you come now, then?" I was so confused. And felt pretty foolish once I figured out what the problem was. Not the best of first impressions.

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