Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Pictures and some Car Lust

April 16, 2008
 photo 1tan_zpsd80b99e2.jpg
Tan (тан) is the most wonderful beverage in the world. The best way to describe it, however, makes it sound rather awful: it's like watery, carbonated buttermilk. Trust me, though, it's delicious. Buy it if you ever get the chance. The above bottle of tan is dill-flavored. I was worried it would be disgusting, but it's even more delicious than regular tan. I've been downing at least a liter a day. Awesomeness.

 photo 2frunze_zps87a93fa7.jpg
This gigantic statue of Frunze (wikipedia entry) is located just across the street from the Bishkek train station. He sits atop an eerily anatomically correct horse. You can't tell from this shot, though.

 photo 3trainstation_zps95fe634b.jpg
Bishkek train station - obviously taken facing the sun, sorry.

 photo 4trainstation_zpsed457d7d.jpg
More train station. Too bad the Kyrgyz train system is so... truncated.

I want to buy an old green or orange Lada or Moskvich.
I've been stalking them around the city.

 photo 5moskvich_zpsec4d8347.jpg
Moskvich #1

 photo 6moskvich_zpsfcc5c085.jpg
Still Moskvich #1

 photo 7moskvich2_zps69610ca6.jpg
Moskvich #2

 photo 8moskvich2_zps393abd11.jpg
More Moskvich #2

 photo 9ladamaybe_zpsdfc37d96.jpg
A Lada. I think.

 photo 10lada2_zps9848450a.jpg
Lada #2 ("parallel parked" a good car's width from the curb)

 photo 11lada2_zps2b1c75cd.jpg
Yum, more Lada.

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