Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miscellaneous Imagery

April 13, 2008

What do you do in Bishkek when the power goes out?
Take cool candle photos, of course!
 photo 1candle_zps20bed646.jpg

 photo 2candle_zpsddd23115.jpg

 photo 3candle_zpsce154f3c.jpg

The official map of Bishkek only labels two religious facilities: the Orthodox Cathedral that I photographed last week, and an Islamic Mosque. (Of course there are more than two, but as I gather it, these are the main ones.) Yesterday I decided to check out the mosque. I was hoping for something equal in splendor to the Orthodox Cathedral, but I was rather disappointed: all concrete and tin. I only took one photo, and it wasn't even all that great. I felt rather conspicuous, and wanted to hurry things up so I wouldn't seem offensive.

 photo 4mosque_zpsa229fe03.jpg

 photo 5trash_zpsf8b85880.jpg
Meanwhile, I found this ironic. The sign reads:
For the dumping of trash there is a fine of 1000 soms.

 photo 6trash_zps9e9daf74.jpg
Likewise. Sigh.

 photo 7cadillac_zps3687959d.jpg
Last night we went to Zeppelin, one of the few rock clubs in Bishkek.
Cadillac, the band whose members we know, was one of three groups who played.

 photo 8zeppelin_zpsbfbdcba7.jpg
Young B and I, drinking beer, before they ran out of beer-on-tap.

 photo 9zeppelin_zps188c60ff.jpg
K and A

 photo 10zeppelin_zpsf59f10cb.jpg
A mixes it up with some Russian hotties

 photo 11zeppelin_zps71c8282b.jpg
K, A, and our band member friends

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